"From one of the oldest coffee plantations in Java on the slopes of Mountain Kawi,
we herewith bring you the very finest Java robusta coffee,
handpicked and roasted in the traditional Javanese way
by the hundreds of women of the surrounding villages, as had been done through centuries."




Tugu Kawisari Coffee Plantation is located on the majestic slopes of Mt. Kelud near Blitar, East Java, approximately 1,000 meters above the sea level. Encompassing nearly 900 hectares of lush fertile land and surrounded with thousands more hectares, 360 degrees view of protected forests, with waterfalls and rivers of crystal clear mountain water flowing through veins across the coffee plantation and emerald green ricefields, the view is breathtaking and the landscape is truly dramatic, to say the least.

The plantation was founded by the Dutch colonial government in 1870 when the Dutch withdrew forced cultivation regulations, making Tugu Kawisari plantation the oldest working coffee plantation in East Java. The plantation produces the finest Arabica and Robusta coffee types bred during the Dutch colonial times, as well as the top gourmet chivet cat coffee Kopi Luwak. The flavour of these Java coffees known as WIB type is very unique and distinctive, with a beautifully balanced acidity and a body that carries the weight of history and age of this majestic plantation and its soil. The past eruptions of the Mt Kelud have much contributed as well to the beautiful character of the coffee beans produced in this plantation.

The plantation is maintained by the local villagers of the surrounding villages that are steeped with hundreds years old traditions and spirituality. The local villages strongly believe that the plantation is a special place eternally protected by the Gods, and that once upon a time, this was the location of the Lembusuro and Mahesosuro kingdoms. The plantation has also been believed to be the last stop of the kings and princes before reaching the meditation place of the sacred Mount Kawi, where they must cleanse themselves from worldly sins before facing their Gods.

Every year, on harvest time, a huge ceremony that is based on almost 150 years old traditions of Kejawen (Javanese spirituality), Hindu and Moslem, is organized to offer thanks to the Gods. This is a very cultural event that should not be missed.

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International Coffee Competition 2019 by AVPA - Gourmet Award