From one of the oldest coffee plantations in Java on the slopes of Mountain Kawi, we herewith bring you the very finest Java robusta coffee, handpicked and roasted in the traditional Javanese way by the hundreds of women of the surrounding villages, as had been done through centuries

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Kawisari Single Origin

Java Robusta
An award winning medium-dark roast, it is full bodied with palates of earl grey, nuts, and a smooth dark chocolate finish.
Acidity ●●○○○          Sweetness  ●●●○○              Body ●●●○○

Peaberry Robusta
Peaberry beans are larger single coffee Beans that grow inside a cherry, therefore contains more nutrients than normal coffee beans. Only representing 5-10% of the whole Robusta harvest. Kawisari Robusta Peaberry has a softer taste and a dense texture, with higher degree of caffeine than the regular coffee, creating a constrasting sensation.
Acidity ●●○○○          Sweetness  ●●●○○              Body ●●●●○

Java Robusta Wood Roasting
The traditional way of roasting in the Kawisari plantation before modern methods, wood roasting takes longer and needs to be done in small batches. The beans become lower in acidity and higher in body, and the darkness of the roast is to the direction of our master roasters through skills passed from one generation to another over the past 150 years.
Acidity ●○○○○          Sweetness  ●●○○○              Body ●●●●○

Java Arabica
Dry processed and hand-selected pure Arabic coffee beans, this medium roast has a smooth & pleasant balance between bitterness & acidity, with hints of chocolate, star fruit and brown sugar caramel.
Acidity ●●●○○          Sweetness  ●●●○○              Body ●●●○○

Peaberry Arabica
Kawisari’s Java Arabica Peaberry represents less than 10% of our entire Arabica coffee production. The ‘champagne of coffee’, a peaberry bean is a larger single bean growing inside each cherry. This medium roast is characterized with flavors of raisins & brown sugar, with chocolatey bitterness.
Acidity ●●●○○          Sweetness  ●●○○○              Body ●●●○○

*Receiving Schedule : Every 4 Weeks ( 500 gram)

Rp 135.000


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