From one of the oldest coffee plantations in Java on the slopes of Mountain Kawi, we herewith bring you the very finest Java robusta coffee, handpicked and roasted in the traditional Javanese way by the hundreds of women of the surrounding villages, as had been done through centuries

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The Ultimate Kawisari Hamper
    • Dried Pineapple Granolla 250gr,
    • Coffee Blossom Honey 575gr,
    • Kawisari Organic Java Robusta 300gr,
    • Sun Dried Coffee Leaf 110gr,
    • Organic Local Grape Jam ,
    • Chai Infused Coffee 110gr,
    • Integritas Organic Tea 12gr by Teko tea,
    • Jamusitea Tumeric Ginger Tea 12gr by Teko tea,
    • Vintage Enamel Mug and
    • A Set of Batik Coaster

Rp 1.580.000


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